Sunday, January 11, 2009

So Much To Do, So Little Time

Our first lady of Hypno.
Our last lady of Hypno.

How could you not buy Hypno by the pound now?

Davis' new rapper, MC Charilious.

The week ahead is promising. Huge events on the HypnoCalander include: Charlie's birthday (3rd) on the Tuesday the 13th, HypnoCoffee's birthday (1st) on Wednesday the 14th, Hypno's first night hours on Friday the 16th, Chloe's birthday (12th) on Saturday the 17th, and the snow is scheduled to coat the whole magilla in white! Combine these gala events with MLK weekend and our building of a website for the purpose of dealing coffee, and we've got our hands full. Having said that, when you order your skinny half-caf mocha, no whip, with a shot of toasted marshmallow, but you receive a soy chai tea latte you'll know what's with me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hot damn! hypno's bday is the same as mine?! the capricorns (mountain goat) seem to rule davis.. how fitting. I may have a number of decades on hypno, but I'm just as fresh as your fine establishment. Congrats, it's quite an achievement when a business can make that 1 year milestone. Hypno and Heaven Straightener Burritos must be doin something right! Btw, Mackie mentioned the other day you hate when people make anonymous comments so i should continue in honor of him :)