Thursday, January 15, 2009

Old Man Winter Smiles Upon Us

Finally! I haven't seen a morning this glorious since mid-November, and no I didn't install that floor length mirror outside of my shower. Oh no, my non-mountain top reader, I awoke to a thick white blanket covering all. I was afforded the opportunity to ski to work again, a pleasure lost on 99.9% of America who must operate a motor vehicle to convey themselves to work. With temperatures beneath zero (0) this morning, I even donned my balaclava (fancy word for a ski mask) making me look like a clumsy Ninja as I kicked and glided my way through at least six (6) inches of white recreation. The snow is still coming, obscuring my normally clear view of Sirianni's and Davis businesses east of the HypnoVessel. Poor Mackie, he picked a lousy time to go back to college. Maybe he should have waited a couple of more decades. Of course, I am making a much bigger deal out of some snow than necessary, but if you live here than you understand my glee given the weather conditions of late.
Need something to do Friday night? Stop by the HypnoShip Friday night for a drink after dinner. That's right, starting Friday night we are plunging into the darkness. The benefit of an espresso drink after your meal, but before you go out for the night is clear, the boost will fuel your nocturnal activities, whether it be a moonlight ski, listening to music at the Purple Fiddle or the Brewery, sled riding through the streets of Davis, or participating in a snow ball fight with reigning snowball fight champion Robbie B. Sorry ladies, but most will consider it an additional benefit not having to hang out with me, the much easier on the eye, Nicole will be serving Friday night.
Thanks to all of the well wishers who dropped by yesterday with one (1) year birthday wishes for the HypnoVessel. One (1) more birthday to go this week, Chloe turns twelve (12) on Saturday, and if you're free around 1 pm stop by the HypnoFamily abode for her party. I think she wants her father to receive a keg of cask conditioned IPA from Mountain State, thanks for asking!

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