Saturday, January 17, 2009


Two (2) down and one (1) to go. Today the HypnoFam hosts a combined party for Charlie and Chloe. As she officially enters the tween years, we are presenting her with the tools needed to rock. Nothing dispels teenage isolation and angst like rock-n-roll. Rock has been saving kids and adults alike for nearly six (6) decades, and I suspect it will be a saving grace for my girl too. Also joining the HypnoFam is a two (2) year old hound mutt, sprung from her stint in the Garrett County Animal Prison. She was sentenced to death for eating chickens. Since I too eat yard bird, I feel we've acquired a kindred spirit.
Dead batteries and frozen pipes greeted many a denizen for a second morning. This morning should be the last of it, at least for awhile, as predictions are for snow and temperatures reaching into the balmy mid-twenties.
For the visitors coming into town with the duel purpose of enjoying our winter weather and escaping the madcap activities of inaugural Washington, welcome. If you're feeling a little chagrin in the missing of festivities, not to fear, Hellbender is hosting an inaugural ball on the 20th. Wow, you get your cake and eat it too.


Anonymous said...

In order to maintain good foreign and domestic relationships, its clear there is only one man for the job. The honorable Chipper for mayor!!!! (since canaan falls under Davis) council person nominees: Gary Berti, Brad Moore, Mike Goss, Matt Marcus, Ed Rader, Susan Moore, Roger Lilly..... hmm still thinkin... those dudes who run those hypno and heckbender places might be good choices. free coffee and burritos is a heck of a campaign tactic.. hint hint.

HypnoBlog said...

All of the above are excellent suggestions. Get locally political! YES YOU CAN!!

Anonymous said...

nice try. Brad Moore and Mike Goss are Thomas residents