Monday, February 16, 2009


Thanks to Cake Wrecks blog for this image, priceless!

So this is what it would be like running a shop in occupied America? It has its benefits, like paying bills. Thanks to the countless new faces, I suppose we'll stay open another month at least. Even patience was well stocked this weekend. The smoke emanating from the top of William Avenue was necessitated by our coffee evaporating like snow in February.

Webster's defines hip as having or showing awareness of or involvement in the newest developments or style; very fashionable, trendy. Our little HypnoFriend, Caeli, will have some work done on her hips. I thought she was pretty fashionable for an eleven (11) month old, and seemed to fit in our shop nicely, however, physicians in the metro D.C. area disagree. Hang tough lil' HypnoPal and come by next time for a cast signing.

Speaking of hip, I hear you, and will work on the jive. We have an idea of what we want our site to ultimately look like and that's going to take time. Until then, keep talking to Carol Ann.

Lastly, Buxton Manor occupant Mark needs to show a bit more restraint whilst aboard the HypnoVessel. No more cutting in front of other customers, bogarting their beverages, acting like you're still wearing trucker britches at a garden party, and sweating your double espressos. Are we clear? Are WE?!


Anonymous said...

Marko would never do such a thing! well maybe he would, I;m just testing comments yo! :)

Anonymous said...

woo-freakin hoo! tony has his comments back!.. pop-up window style seems to have been the fix for this old a55 TV! :) -anonymous IT freaker geeker

HypnoBlog said...

welcome back!! nicely done anonymous D.C. IT geek. Mark would of course do that. He's a successful, blackberry tote'n, espresso quaffin', wall street journal'n urbanite, hangin' in our redneck coffee shop. We'll try to better serve him next time. We're just too damn slow. Is the blog TV really old? It looks like the one in my bedroom.

"snomonkey" said...

All just an innocent misunderstanding. I coulda sworn you said "Doppio for the Buxton St. boy." Instead it was "Doppio for the Brown St. boy."

Redneck coffee shop? HypnoCoffee's got suburban mall hangout written all over it.

anonymous VA IT geek said...

ok, thats it, i will no longer comment anonymously! sorry for the extra banter.. i like to see things happen when i go clicky clicky on the mouse... like a monkey discovering hand tools for the first time.