Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sick Bay

The weekend, although successful in most aspects, fell short of killing me. It did, however, knock me off my game today. I spent most of the day in my quarters, below deck, with the TV (not the blog TV) keeping myself and Charlie company. Yes, we caught up on movies, and fell in and out of sleep in spite of the sun's beckoning glow. Tomorrow finds me back on deck since you bought me out of most coffee. Prepare Davis for the smells of roasting!

Most of the comments relating to the blog have been negative, just don't take it out on anonymous D.C. IT geek, I take full responsibility for the clunky start. Having said that, allow me to also thank those who have ordered coffee via the unintuitive, clunky, ugly, "I could have written better HTML", e-store. You know I'm pretty ugly too, and much like my blog / store I work okay. Anonymous D.C. IT geek did return the comments....so keep it coming, but let's work on constructive criticisms. Ultimately, I'd like the blog / store to have a look we have designed as opposed to the image I lifted. We'll get there!

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