Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thank You Card

We're getting closer to that pot o' gold!

The Director made his on deck this morning as promised. He looked shaggier than before, in fact, he hasn't looked this scruffy since his first days aboard the HypnoVessel. Many a man, woman, and child remember fondly their first encounter with our scurvy poop deck scrubbin' Director; he being a surly foul-mouthed swashbuckler with long oily locks tucked beneath a Gino's Pizza hat. Oh sure, you called him "Silent Bob" and "Pyscho-Killer" and even Charlie managed only dirty looks and babbling threats, but he grew on us all like a barnacle and morphed into the Director. Also kicking around the mountain is our 'ol HypnoFriend, Mackie, fresh from killing it in History and prepping for mid-terms. Fair thee well, and a hand full of Aces is the only acceptable hand to hold.

In the midst of the day's final hour our HypnoPal and future town councilman, Bubba, stopped in for a chat. He brought up a good point when he mused on how much he appreciates his customers, for it is only through them that we are afforded the opportunity to stay here. He, of course, is correct and I couldn't agree more. At today's end we shattered last month's record by about $600.00. That's a helluva big improvement and we appreciate each one (1) of you who boards the HypnoVessel (whether it be once or daily), endures the insults spewing from my foul tongue, and even has the heart coupled with good taste to purchase coffee from me. For without you I'd be in some hospital keeping said hospital compliant with JCAHO Environment of Care Standards, and yes, that is as boring as it sounds. I would much rather stay here talking to you.

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