Monday, March 2, 2009

Tour Of Hypno

Need a HypnoFix whilst skiing at Timberline? Of course you do. Does Davis seem too far to drive? Of course it does; you're tired, your knees hurt, your kids are whining about it being too cold, and your wife wants to get back to the cabin. No prob', just pull into Trail Mix and pick up a pound (#) and sko. They even have a grinder if your rental didn't come with one (1). What's that? You're in Deep Creek and both the HypnoShip and thereby Trail Mix are a bit far? Gotcha covered on the northern tip too. Wheel that vehicle into Cornish Manor where coffee and espresso can be had. Say hi to Jacques for us and enjoy a meal while there. You're already hip to Morgantown's HypnoHotSpot, the Blue Moose Cafe and hopefully that's just the beginning. Regional domination has begun. Prepare to be boarded and have your taste buds set to "amaze me".

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