Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time Change And The Damage Done

...sailors take warning.

The roaster was fired up yet again today. The roasting was necessitated by an order from our HypnoFriend and part-time neighbor, John (of the IRS fame). Thanks for the order, and by the way, do I have to claim your payment as income, or can I classify it as a charitable donation? Just clarifying. HypnoPals Becky and Mandy enjoyed some elocution and language skills lessons in the form of HypnoNomenclature. Remember my friends, with great language comes great power, use it wisely.

We even made a new friend today, another Sarah (of Highland Prospects intern fame). You read right; Ben and Jeremy finagled some poor undergrad into "interning" in their shop this summer. I know what you're thinking, intern what? Fortuitously they met Sarah (probably through a website, Jeremy has been spending a lot of time on line surfing for a Russian bride) and as luck would have it she is majoring in Gold Bricking (course work has been laid out at WVU). I suppose she'll "learn" the finer points of Internet gaming, Facebook cruising, looking busy, and sleeping with one's eyes open. Sure there are plenty of local mentors, but I for one(1), can't think of two (2) better examples of sloth and laziness. Good luck Sarah.

The picture today was snapped around 7:30 am. Thus the darkness' glum and sleepy embrace taunt myself and the other pre-light workers for what seems like a ridiculous amount of time. Spring can't come fast enough this scurvy dog. Speaking of spring: Summer wants to mention that she is gearing up for a spring clothing swap. Get out those swim suits, culottes, capris, and tennis wear. Spring fever is gripping the crew and despite calls for snow we are holding hope for an early badminton match-up. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

you have to try tennis -mitton. Its a much more redneck game - basically your game but using tennis rackets. You do go through alot of those birdie things though. We used to play in my metal head days usually after the keg was about half way done!!! Its fun plus if your team mates are screwing up the punishment from getting hit with a tennis racket is more intense then a badmniton raquet