Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sleeping On The Job

Achtung decaf drinkers! An order has been placed for more of the unleaded, however, the shipping notice says I won't see delivery until Monday the 16th. When I run out of decaf I will place the blame on delayed shipping caused, no doubt, by our remote location. I will not, however, blame myself for the belated ordering of the aforementioned decaf.
Tomorrow finds you looking at Nicole's visage instead of my dour puss. Yes, yes we are trying to get new and better faces for you to shout orders at. I am sure you are ready to interact with others, not that we haven't had a good run, what with our laughs and my insults, but it is time for you to move on. Imagine yourself ordering a latte from a "new" barista, someone with whom you can get to know over that latte. You already know me, and you have grown to tolerate me, but the fire is out. I know you secretly hope for a "new" barista, and you can have even more of what you wish for by simply buying more coffee. Yes, it's that simple, the more coffee I sell, the more time you get with that "new" barista. You never thought I'd be so cool about it, but you were wrong.
The effect of the time change finally got to Charlie. He fought hard to stay awake, but the deprivation overwhelmed his young filament. Hopefully, the above mentioned "new" baristas manage to fend off the sandman's sweet embrace better than my young son.

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