Monday, April 6, 2009

Egg-Celent Hunt

This Bunny isn't creepy at all, and has never starred in a horror movie.

The Easter Bunny made a special visit to the mountain top yesterday, and not a moment too soon. Usually the children of Davis and Thomas route through snow in search of the Bunny's eggs, but this year was different. A warm and sunny day greeted America's favorite sylvilagus and the community center lawn was awash in brightly-colored eggs filled with treats. The community turn-out was huge! Thank goodness this bit of fun went down yesterday, since today brought snow again, and the forecast is for more over the next three (3) days. Damn! Not quite spring.

Thanks to our goldbrickin' DC IT professional for playing hooky from work and "telecommuting" whilst aboard the venerable HypnoVessel. Also, thanks to the two (2) couples who, unbeknownst of one (1) another, separately came aboard after enjoying our coffee at the Cornish Manor last night. So highly was our product regarded they felt compelled to brave the weather and see for themselves. Not only is our coffee available after dinner at the Cornish Manor, but also our coffee can now be had at the Market Street Bistro in Buckhannon. Also signing up last week for HypnoFixes were the Purple Fiddle and Ground Up Coffee Shop in Seneca Rocks. Now you can travel just about anywhere within a thirty (30) minute circle of GroundHypno and still hit a HypnoHotSpot! Our regional domination is in motion.


Jack McG said...

Harvey lives ?

Moriah said...

How come nobody hides REAL eggs anymore? WAY cooler than candy-filled plastic.

Congrats on the wholesales!

I just had a Very Good Bagel from a hole-in-the-wall Jewish bakery here in Philly. A true bagel. A bagel for bagel snobs. Wish WV had bagels like this. (Where are all the Jewish bakers in WV?) I'll try to bring some back for you guys to try, if you want.

Cory said...

Did any kids cry due to the rabbit? A bit weird.
Upon closer inspection I realized that Lil' Chuck was *not* crying...maybe photoshop some tears and snot?

Miss you guys!

anonymous VA IT geek said...

dont eat the yellow eggs! Oh.. and i will have you know that today i was officially approved to "work from home" on mondays :)