Friday, April 3, 2009


What a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious night of letters in the wrong order! Our community ain't nearly as obtuse as we've been told by the piles of statistics on West Virginia. The evening began with the kids bee. There were nine (9) kids brave enough to step up to the mike, and at the end of a fierce battle, Jack Melnick was left standing, and thus his name goes down in annals of great spellers. Well done Jack! After a brief dinner break we reconvened for an adult bee. Twenty (20) souls chose to beat one (1) another down under the harsh scrutiny of both the judges (Ivonne, Robbie B., Melissa, and myself) and the hot lights.

The adult bee was no joke; with words like, belligerent, innocuous, and ubiquitous pruning the field, and it wasn't long before only Moriah, Tim, and Diane were left spelling. Moriah stumbled first on the word hallucinogen, and thus the stage was set for a husband and wife duke-out. Man, the words flew like so many dishes, and the stink of acrimony and competition in the air was palatable. It came down to the ironic word, "misogynist" for the win, and after a careful recitation, Tim came out victorious. Wow, good work Tim!
Another break was taken after that brutal round and then on we trudged into the "ye shall be handicapped drinking-game round". Fourteen (14) hard-drinkin' denizens bellied up to the microphone and bottomless growler, including my wife. We kicked things off with standard fare, and put some drinking penalties into play. Next we transitioned to the Urban Dictionary for our word list. Between the tumult of protests, riotous laughter, and throwing things at me, a champion emerged from the drunken haze.
Picking up the bronze in this melee, was Rob Rexroad, the silver medal was awarded to Hypno's own first lady, Summer, and the gold...drum roll please...Chip Blackburn (of Charlie's best buddy fame)! A slurry finish, but his abilities were beyond reproach in both drinking (he definitely consumed the brunt of penalty drinks) and ability to spell like a magician. Congratulations to Mr. Blackburn.
As always Rob and Melissa threw a great party. Thanks to Hellbender and their staff for the great time!

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Would you say contestant 14 = arch nemesis?