Friday, January 22, 2010


Yikes...Morgan?...Really? After reading Cory's post I went directly to the source, Ben N., and he says Gary tastes like yellow cake mix and scrambled eggs. Is that what Morgan tasted? If not, than his "Pepsi Challenge" will have to be chocked up to a bit of Boulder Boy fun. Use that Mexican't sparingly, and keep sending those reports. Keep the sails full boys, and don't forget to catch an east-bound gust at some point, someday.

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Cory said...

Argh ye simple pond scum,

He actually smoked him, so the Pepsi Challenge may be a rule-bender/breaker (yes, he is legal).

I just slowly sipped the last of the Chiapas...damn it's good. I miss it already. Coarse grind worked well, any finer with this little grinder made the bitter bigger. Caffe Sole, in SoBo, had a macchiato that was truly just "marked," barely 2/3 filled cup and bitter (they use the same little brown/red mugs). Not a Hypno-mach, which is slowly altering the standard...on the East, at least!

Tony, don't focus to much on the homoerotic part of the post, you are bound to get what you focus on in this life...your retort here:_________________.