Friday, January 22, 2010

A Variety of Buzzes

Ahoy from the High Seas of the Sealess Midwest and beyond!
Yes, the withdrawal happened soon and was unsatisfactorily semi-quelled with none other than a wicked  dose of little glass jars of Starbucks coffee. I tell you this only because I had to reacquaint myself with coffee-outside-of-Hypno. It sucked...bad. The glass was not as bad as the aluminum "double shot," which is made with not-quite-the-best ingredients available under our violent bursting fission sun.
I skipped any coffee until we arrived in Boulder, upon which we found a great place to eat and then proceeded to get agave mate latte's at The Laughing Goat. This place is great. The baristas were nice, attractive, and lewd....almost like Hypno, almost.

After that break from coffee,  the first morning in Boulder the boys and I got awesome bagels at Moe's Broadway bagels (Lox = Bliss) and a damn fine mocha at Vic's next door. Again, the baristas were nice 'n fine, and the fellow who steamed the milk was Gary "No R" Carr's duplicate-brother-clone-thing. Really, he looked, acted, smelled and tasted just like Gary. Morgan tasted him, not me, so we compared notes and, lo and behold, we had a match. Anygay, he steamed milk like a champ acted gay even better. Thanks, sunshine, you light up a lot in my dark (roast) life.

Upon getting enough Boulderite Buzz, we brewed up some Mexican't, mi cafe favorito, this morning and got to remember that these beans came out of the roaring furnace of the Highest Coffee Roaster in Dub V (That's Hypno, in case you didn't, how high are you?) !!! The tools for buzzing are seen below. Thanks for the last little bit of Chiapas.

Well, I've worn off my buzz from all this meandering typing, time for more black gold. For those of you close to Hypno, remember that you are close to a quite awesome scene that should not be left unsupported or uningested. Can't keep count of them blessings. Thanks for letting me take the dingy for a long float. Perhaps the waves and winds will lead me back, someday....

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