Monday, April 28, 2008

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VICTORY! Sweet, Sweet, Victory! In Curtis' absence I stepped onto the field of glory and Director Mallow and I went undefeated (6-0). Allow me to run down the afternoon for you. One team left early; Team Gonad (formerly Team Uterus, minus Renee add Scott), two teams arrived late (Team Mountain State, Jen and Jared, Team TNT Kevin and Nicole) and played in exhibition games only, but within the tournament there were five (5) teams. Team Shrink paired Ginger with the loquacious Nick, Team Balldiver consisted of Kimmie and Kristine, Team Footlocker combined the well dressed Davis and Alden, Team Hellbender was our husband and wife team of Rob and Melissa, and of course the HypnoTeam put freshly trained Chris and I together.

After some convoluted tournament play, every team except Team Gonad (they left for Morgantown and Mountain Stage) had met one another at least once, and all had played three (3) games. This left only two (2) teams undefeated, HypnoTeam and Team Shrink. The championship was determined in a best of three match. Nick had been dominate in his play against all other teams and had the trash talking mouth that victory sometimes inflicts on winners that lack the skills to back the wins. His strategy was obvious, play the net and with every point made unhinge his opponent with psychobabble. Determined not to let Nick get under our skin and to use our own psy-op strategy, Chris and I went silent. We played the entire time mute, only whispering to one another. We easily won both games, (15-5 and 15-6) and Nick left the yard in tears and expletives. HypnoTeam is not known for its mercy and compassion, only its dominance on the field of glory.

Thank you to everyone who showed up and played, we had a great time and look forward to the next tournament. Special thanks to Rob and Melissa for the supply of potables and to Alden and Davis for wearing the matching black and white referee uniforms. You boys were certainly the best dressed team to grace the field. What a great way to end an otherwise oppressive weekend.

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