Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Day On the Job

Gretchen pulled her first shift on board the HypnoShip. She performed quite well; cooing, crapping, crying, just like the Director trained her to do. Many were impressed by her immediate on-the-job-training, but that's just the way we prefer our kids; working to pay our light bill. Chloe's been working since she was eight (8) and has thus far earned enough money to purchase her own trampoline and one (1) home in Florida. What will Gretchen purchase?
The counter is again flush with Gary's muffins. Dietary note: I rarely eat the sweets that inhabit the HypnoCounter, but I find Gary's Granola Muffins irresistible. I have convinced myself that the granola contained within the muffins counters all of the cholesterol inducing effects of eggs, butter, and sugar. Elude your common sense and try one; both you and your cardiologist will thank me. (Dr. Smith, please drop off mine and Gary's cut at the shop Tuesday, thanks.)

Does being Italian mean you intuitively know how to cook? Yes. Summer's cousin, Adam (of Marcy and Sophia fame), put together a couple of kitchen-sink lasagna dishes while here for Gretchen's birth, and they are terrific! Thanks and good work Adam! We have also been lucky enough to sup on Anne's Raspberry Bars, and whether by hook or crook I am getting those on the HypnoCounter. They are amazing and you will extend copious thank you's once you, too, are lucky enough to eat them. Thanks Anne!

Tomorrow's race course will be muddy and that only makes the plot thicken. Who will show? Who will win? Stay tuned.

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