Monday, June 23, 2008

WV State Championship

The plot wasn't the only thing to thicken, the mud was the story yesterday on the race course. We HypnoStaffers (Nick and myself) started sweeping patrons out of the door around 11:45 and by the time the HypnopShip was ready for closure Nick and I barely had enough time to get to the starting line. Thanks to Mackie for securing registration. The West Virginia State Championships, or BikeStock as some call it, took place yesterday afternoon on the muddiest course of the year. It is a little embarrassing to admit, but I have never ridden on the trails that housed the race; oh sure I have run back on those trails plenty, but bicycle tires, unlike my feet, can suffer ruptures that make continuing difficult at best. I suffered an aforementioned rupture approximately two (2) miles into the race. Being of the "never quitting idiots who never use common sense club" I sallied forth with the flat. The rest of the race I continued to tell myself that riding the last five (5) miles on a flat was no big deal, but as all those I once passed were passing me I questioned the wisdom of my thinking. Even Nick passed his old boss without as much as a hello. Yes, Nick has been fired. The locals, as always turned out the top spots (author excluded), Mackie is the West Virginia Masters Expert Champion and Jason is the West Virginia Veterans Expert Champion. Nice job and we'll keep you caffeinated all the way to Nationals in Vermont!

Thanks to Sirianni's (so many pizzas donated!) and Hellbender Burritos (so many IPAs donated) for the post race hospitality. Rob (of Hellbender fame) rode to a very solid sixth place in the author's class! The practice paid off my friend. Also a big thank you to so many who came out to cheer on the locals. It was especially refreshing to come upon the race marshals bearing duck calls and aluminum cans that know you. Home turf racing has its advantages, and hearing your name shouted by so many as you go by feels damn good, thanks!

If you had the sad misfortune of occupying the HypnoShip yesterday at midday, we offer our apologies for the terse dismissal you must have received. It was only our intention to participate in a unique and challenging local event with our friends, not to push you into the afternoon confused and without a proper caffeine buzz. Normally we stay as long as you do.
Anne (of Patrick and Adelaide fame) was kind enough to bring her Raspberry Bars in for the counter today, and if you too would like one, you had better be quick, as I may eat them all! The always helpful and diligent Gary also restocked the counter after a busy weekend. Raspberry Lemon, Raspberry Chocolate Chip, and Granola Muffins made their way out of the oven, as did another Cheesecake! Thanks Gary. Another week, and we are stocked and ready!

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to include another reminder for a totally awesome upcoming event. I will even use your own words...
"Does anyone reading this blog cycle, run, walk, or skip through the many, many trails in Tucker County? Of course you do. Your community trails club, Tucker County Trails, is holding another party and raffle at your favorite burrito hang-out, Hellbender Burritos. Highland Prospects is spearheading the raffle again, and naturally we all look forward to winning sweet gear and hanging out with local celebs, Ben and Jeremy. Hellbender has again scheduled music for the evening, and this year brings the Weedhawks (I know the jokes, puns, and conclusions are being made all over Davis and Thomas) a band obviously down with the recent "pot eradication" program underway in the area. The night of fun, music, prizes, eats, and general debauchery will be Thursday June 26th. I hope to see you all in attendance; supporting our trail club!