Monday, August 18, 2008

Thomas Tea Party

For far too long I have ignored the needs of my friend Mackie. It seems, and rightfully so, that he is only Green Tea consumer in the area. Sure, others have a cup occasionally, but Mackie is a nearly daily consumer of the stuff. Being that he is the only tea drinker I have continually put off the procurement of Mackie's favorite Hojicha Green Tea ever since our roaster stopped carrying the Mighty Leaf brand. Last week I finally found a supplier, placed the order, and this afternoon brought his tea to the HypnoDock along with the much awaited Chai, some Herba Mate, two (2) other varieties of Green Teas, and Mint Tea! If, in the near future you enjoy a brilliant cup of tea in the shop you can thank Mackie for his diligence, but you had better hurry as Mackie drinks the stuff like his life depends on it!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Tony!!!!

I already started depleting the green tea supply.

Big Dummy is slated to arrive in Minneapolis next week.

HypnoBlog said...

I'm not going to Minneapolis, and quit calling me a Big Dummy lest I spit in your green tea!