Thursday, October 16, 2008


The Director sailed the calm seas yesterday, but one (1) squall has side tracked our intrepid pirate. As some sort of joke a patron of local residence made off with the Director's glass eye. I realize the comedic value of such a theft, but to a young single seaman, it can stand between many a future romantic encounter, not to mention the across the counter repulsiveness an empty socket induces. This morning the Director arrived with a temporary socket filler, a yellow ball danced in his head and fills all onlookers with equal parts curiosity and disgust. This will not suffice. You know who you are, you scurvy dog, return the ocular socket wear immediately!

There have been several discussions this morning regarding our recent pastry names, the Hot Apple Bend-over and Cherry Poppins'. The naming of products is fun for us, and I welcome your input on future nomenclature as well as re-naming our drinks. Instead of a White Chocolate Mocha, you could order a Bismark's Snowmobile? Summer has some funny names, I just have to tame her gutter-minded ideas. My work is never done!

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