Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Reporting For Duty

Chris Mallow Jack-O-Lantern.

As soon as I stepped off the bus, I voted, then immediately started fielding the calls that were queued up. Two (2) days away and I return to two (2) days of extra work. Work, it waits for you. Tomorrow is a meeting with our mess-hall baker extraordinaire, Gary. We shall connive on dessert menu items and the plethora of treats to be made just for you upon on re-opening. Speaking of re-opening, priority one (1) is a search and rescue; our counter tops are A.W.O.L. Dave (of cabinet building fame) and I are bewildered as to the where-abouts of this crucial item! These and the other pressing needs will sit tight until tomorrow. Tonight we journey down the hill for a night of fun watching the last remaining vestiges of democracy with our pals at Hellbender Burritos. We shall hoist a pint and until tomorrow... the grind-stone awaits.

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