Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Kicked My Ass

I didn't remember the tooth fairy being such a brute.

Charlie pulled through swimmingly (his father may be traumatized for the rest of his life). A lot of work went into that poor little guy's mouth, and even though he has no memory (Versed was used) of the procedure, he's now aware of the work. The entire procedure took about two and a half (2 1/2) hours, with Charlie crying, screaming, writhing, and fighting. He was in a "sedated" state, but the moments were anything but sedate, and I for one (1) hope to never again witness my son in in the clutches of the butcher...I mean dentist. Man, no one likes the dentist do they? Not one (1) to linger in his misery (truly amazing he cares not), Charlie bounced back into He-Man toys and movies as soon as the effects of the sedation wore off. Good show, Charlie! Let this be lesson my friends; we allowed Charlie to drink juice or milk before he would fall asleep (it especially "helped" during the weening process) and those sugars were the perfect substrate for the bacteria in his mouth, the result of which was our little visit to the dentist today. By the way, dentistry hasn't evolved one (1) iota in, at least, the last thirty (30) years. Only pharmaceuticals seem to have changed, the chairs, instruments, even that wretched drill are all as I remember from my childhood. If I were to invent a dental drill that hummed a tune instead of that spine-tingling whir, I'd be a wealthy fellow. Perhaps coffee is the wrong pursuit? Naw, inventing humming drills is solitary work, and I'd miss you.

Thanks to Bish for the correct spelling and day of birth of infant Oliver. Corrections were made to yesterday's post. Those are the edits I am more than glad to oblige.

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Stinkfist said...

...almost as cool as the Ren & Stimpy tooth fairy....