Thursday, August 27, 2009


It's so adorable, Mackie, dressed in his brand new Keds, crisp dark-blue blue-jeans, and an ironed pastel Polo button-down cotton shirt waiting for the bus on his first day back to school. He made his way to the stop; the Keds smarting against is toes as he tried with all his might to scuff and dirty the bright white canvas with the hope that the other kids wouldn't notice his brand new shoes and ridicule him. Twelve (12) new and sharpened #2 pencils await a day of copious note taking, and six (6) polished apples await their place upon six (6) professor's desks; nothing has been missed. Nothing, but Davis, WV. Davis, home of two (2) time kickball champs, amazing pizza, riotous burritos, and of course the greatest damn coffee in America. Yeah, first days are tough...

I'm taking Charlie on a first in the morning, a camping trip to Cooper's Rock S.P. I plan on some swims in Cheat Lake, long runs with Charlie riding rickshaw style in the jogging stroller (the way we used to), and of course campfires. Take care of my vessel whilst her captain is away on leave, I'll know what you do.


Anonymous said...


Mackie has been checked in to the WVU Student Health Services Rehab Center. Mackie has been suffering the symptoms of Long Legged Mack Daddy and Lost Biker withdrawals. These are serious addictions and authorities are now investigating where Mackie was obtaining these dangerous and highly addictive substances. Current investigations are now centering on the Davis, WV area where authorities say these substances are suspected of being manufactured. Tucker County Substance Abuse Task Force is seeing highly suspicious behavior displayed by residents and visitors to this area and Occupied America Enforcement Authorities of the Homeland Surveillance Bureau have been alerted.

Rabb said...

Seriously pimping in them duds.