Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor? What Labor?

Have you peeped in the HypnoFridge? We've taken several leaps of late in the cold get-n-go department; as evidenced by our R.W. Knudsen Spritzers, Knudsen Juice Boxes, and Natural Brew Ginger Brews. No one else within a one (1) hour drive has such quality products, except for your friends at Hypno, you are welcome!

Labor Day is nigh, and with this celebration of all things hard-working, we in Davis expect our native son, Mackie, to return to us and assist in the ridicule of non-workers. Where will find a gaggle of non-workers to make fun of? Any suggestions, just forward to the Vessel.

For those in occupied America, we atop the mountain have officially bid adieu to summer, and await the soon to change leaves along with their peepers. The temperatures have dropped to July levels and the light is ever-shrinking to winter illumination. It's ironic how beautiful our backyard is when it's a locals-only affair. If, within occupied America ye be, upon reading this, the answer is "yes" it is still magnificent here and you should be here.

In case you thought there was nothing happening this holiday weekend: Mark and Claire are hosting their now-annual Lawn Party on Sunday September 6th at 4 p.m.. Country Club attire preferred, and white is still acceptable. We also congratulate Mark for making his way to 40 years of living with only a few bruises and grey hairs for the effort. See you at Buxton Manor!


Anonymous said...

is charlie really that glad to see you? a two-eyed monster? wow.

Anonymous said... Yeaaaah!!! Good God!...Smokin'!

"snomonkey" said...

Thanks for the shout-out Mr. Hypno-Coffee and for the well-wishes. Only a couple bocce ball injuries at the Lawn Game party and lots of smiles.

Best, Mark

Rabb said...

Is that a light painting photo? Now you've got your foot in the door there's no going back.