Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Deep Creek Bump

Good coffee is again spreading like Typhoid. Cade played the role of Mary, as yesterday found he and I tripping the highway fantastic to Deep Creek Lake. Once in the affluent community on the lake, we went to the Mountain State Brewing Co. Recently, Brian purchased a defunct espresso bar from Winchester and installed the gear in his restaurant. Cade and I got busy adjusting the espresso grinder and sussing out his Astoria two (2) group machine. Once we figured out the idiosyncrasies of Brian's Astoria we set to work passing on the knowledge of drink building that local mountain top denizens have been enjoying for over two (2) years now. We set Brian on the path to espresso enlightenment, a path he seemed excited to start down, and prior to his opening for breakfast (Memorial Day weekend) we'll check on him. Thanks to Brian for having the good taste to chose HypnoCoffee in his restaurant.


Matt said...

Are you sure Brian can figure out the machinery involved in grinding and making espresso? Hell, he couldn't handle brewing beer, and he had to leave that to Willie and Mike. He does know how to operate a tap though!

Anonymous said...

He is a boss, not a peon. Jealous?

Matt said... are calling Willie and Mike peons? Even though you might be a coward, at least you are smart enough to remain anonymous!