Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not NASCAR Fast...Yet

The first bite is always the worst.

After only a couple of weeks back in the saddle (running that is) I ran my first footrace of the year. We again sponsored a running event in Shepherdstown, and again the kind folks welcomed us with open arms, but this time I finished a little stronger than my last eastern panhandle race. Of course the distance was shorter by about twenty-one (21) miles.
Part of the fun in leaving our mountain top abode is experiencing great food. Our first night in Shepherdstown found the HypnoFam supping on Thai cuisine. My basil tofu was spectacular and Summer's seafood pad Thai was so good it came with baby octopus in it. On a dare, Charlie and Chloe ate two (2) of the mini-encephalopods. The above picture is Charlie's reaction to texture, not taste. After gobbling down tentacles, Charlie proceeded to hold court, regaling the diners, hostess, and waiter with tales of monsters, pirates, and worm monsters.

We also met with our customers, Mellow Moods (Phil and Shanna) at their great spot on German Street. Phil and his wife are every bit as busy as any other HypnoCouple, with two (2) kids, a cafe, yoga instruction, and midwifery courses...Whew! Like so many other Shepherdstown denizens, they were wonderfully hospitable and kind. Thanks Mellow Moods crew. Another successful HypnoJourney!

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Channy said...

I'm impressed that anyone could run 21 miles at all...let alone more. Alas, that could be my fat ass talking. Great job!

Daring is a great way to get the kidlets outside their comfort zone. Can't wait until mine is old enough to understand that concept, though he did recently decide he loves feta, which impressed me.

Perhaps tentacles are next for us!

Glad you guys had a great trip!