Monday, May 3, 2010

Beasts Of Burden

First bit of mail, or first mistake?

Sunday saw the HypnoCaptain, first mate Cade, and Mountain State Brewery's own Willie take a list of man-chores and destroy it like a VW Bug at a demolition derby. First up; get a mailbox in the ground by the road and ready to receive United States Postage! Hole dug, quickcrete in place, mailbox straightened, and viola, bill receptacle complete. Next up; add lateral supports to existing outdoor stairways and on each of the two (2) porch stairways add another hand rail. This one (1) could have taken a finger, but Willie kept a steady hand on the circular saw, and we transformed those stairways into insurance compliant ascending/descending ingresses/egresses. Pumped from two (2) successes, we feasted on hamburgers before taking to the roof for the third man-chore; tearing down the 1982 television antenna. Cade and I took to the roof, sawz-all in hand, slipping our way to the roof ridge we steadied ourselves, then like a machine-gun toting gangster, Cade lay to waste the aged television signal receiver. With three (3) down, we had only one (1) more man-chore to check off the list; restore the water supply to an outdoor shower. Darkness was starting to fall, exhaustion from the previous three (3) man-chores was starting to take its toll, and half of us was half in the bag, but we crawled beneath Cade's house anyway. It took longer than we thought and we were shy one (1) fitting, but restored the hot water to Cade's outdoor shower. The test run proved successful on all of our work, but the existing outside pipe had seen better days and possessed cracks in two (2) places. Before he sets off on a summer of al fresco bathing Cade has a little more work to do...but that's for another Sunday of man-chores.
Gettin' it did Sunday inspired me to tackle my own man-chore list. Since there's no time like the present, I excused myself from the HypnoVessel this morning and with our HypnoBaker, Gary, at my side gutted my kitchen in preparation for new, sweeter counters and shelves. To my wholesale customers; I will be back aboard tomorrow to roast your magical caffeinated beans, and to Mellow Moods, the HypnoFam will deliver yours on Wednesday since we are heading to Shepherdstown again. If anyone is interested; upon my return Thursday I will go on a man's shopping spree in Lowes and I have a coupon!


Anonymous said...

That Jim Beam would have been very welcome at Cheat Fest this past weekend. And, it would have also been sweet to wake up in the morning and walk a short distance to get a fresh cup of Hypno Coffee. I know it wasn't meant to be, but just know you were missed! -Tim

Cory said...

Oh, great. Are all of your shelves suspiciously homoerotic and now stocked with butt(ery) baked goods?

Not even sure what you are gonna do on that counter top...