Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Back Baby

It's eerie how, not one (1) week after writing about it with tongue firmly planted into cheek, the swinging bridge is back! Some concerned citizen or citizens repaired the swinging bridge sometime over the last two (2) days, and local cyclists have crossed and lived to tell. Thanks to Subterfuge Civil Engineers Local 151 (motto: we do it in the dark) for their quick fix of our link across the Blackwater.


Cory said...

Had to be them non-pilgrim "guerillas" 'cause that Tea Party Express(o) dude is to busy contemplating 1's and 0' we see him doing in Friday's post.

Whoever it was, they shall be brought to slow and dulling federal bureaucratic "justice."

Matt said...

So, I assume they took the 2X6 boards blocking the bridge down. Did they find the rumored hidden camera/s (that we know the USF&WS uses out at the Beall Tract)? I guess that could be privileged information, considering the Federal charges the patriots/criminals/terrorists might face for thier act of community service.

All hail the efforts of the unknown heros! F--k the idiots in charge at the USF&WS who decided not to fix the bridge, that they commandeered from the citizens by decree. When are they ever gonna get their act together? Oh yeah, when hell freezes over!

Good work guys/gals. Live free and prosper!

anonymous VA IT geek said...

what a beautiful executed plan to set me up as the patsy. nice goin. perhaps you can bail me out of the tygart facility with a few espressos and some ibuprofen for the sore butt. at least they have free wifi in here