Saturday, May 8, 2010

This Runner's World

Red tank top, smooth head, super-star.

We are logging mucho road miles this week, with not one (1), but two (2) trips to Shepherdstown. Yesterday found the HypnoFam tripping the mountain highways and byways so that the HypnoCaptain could attend a day of running events centered around a Chi Running clinic and the whole magilla being observed/participated by "Born to Run" author Christopher McDougall. The end of the day saw the whole HypnoFam participating in a group run along the C&O towpath before attending a talk and book signing with Chris (yeah, I call him Chris now) at the HypnoPimping Mellow Moods. It ain't everyday that the HypnoCaptain gets to go running with a best-selling author, but then again, it ain't everyday that a best-selling author gets to run with a sexy coffee roaster. Amongst other questions I fielded; "why does Starbucks coffee suck?" Lemme tell ya...Thanks to Mark C. (of Freedom's Run fame) for the invite and the many introductions to the good folks in She-Town.

In the midst of all of our traveling, Chantal (of website fame) put some more eye-candy in your browser's face. Check out HypnoRadio; now at last, you can move to the sounds that fill our ears while we make your beautiful drinks. And for your shopping pleasure; Chantal placed photos on our Facebook page that link directly to a shopping cart. Oh my! You're either very lucky or scarily connected to the HypnoVessel all the time; while at home, while at work, and in your dreams.

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Channy said...

Hells yeah! On the new tricks up the hypnosleeve and a nice vacation for you guys.

The other day I ran two blocks.
That is all.
I will stick to my bikeriding and perhaps the next time I visit your coffee shop I will be in better cardiovascular health. Baha!