Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Polls Are In...

We know, we've been waiting to see just what made people so turned on about Hypno-before-the-Hypno-Fam-left. Well, here it is, folks, grab yer latte's and study this one. And remember, statistics are not facts...but this blog is.

Not that surprising, eh? Those few hanger-outers are unidentified, and probably were people's pets or some children that don't drink coffee and cant talk and ask for a smoothie or vanilla frap with whipped cream and caramel oh so slowly drizzled on top of it so that it looks and tastes like....use your imagination or come get your own, if you can talk. We know a little sign language and Spanish, entonces....bring your own mug and we will smear you with enviro-kudos and even rinse it if you need. Month old latte scum is actually making it's way into its own food group, right next to the "use sparingly" things like sugars and oils. We don't want you to think that these things should be consumed as un-often as straight raped white table contrairea latte a day keeps you regular , they say.

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