Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So This Is How It Ends

"I do it for my baby; I want her to have it better than I did."

"Them's my swatters"

As the HypnoFam prepared for departure we jettisoned many a worthless possession. You know the stuff; old badminton rackets, broken chairs, photos of family members that no longer speak to me (too many to count), and the other detritus that clutters our lives once we settle in one (1) place for any length of time. We had so much of the flotsam we had a dumpster dropped off at the HypnoAbode, and I spent the day filling her to the brim. After a long day of dumping (no Jeremy jokes please)the HypnoFam joined forces with the Archuleta clan (the NeoHypnoFam) to grill meats and imbibe. As I took to the deck and glanced at my day's labor, I spied two (2) degenerates elbow-deep in my trash. Who should it be, but our own yeoman, Cory and his baby's mama, Sheena. Cory made off with our spice rack and Sheena scored fly swatter after fly swatter (three ((3)) in total). After much fun and attention was given to our mate and his wench; we invited them to sup on grilled delectables with us, but they politely refused stating they were still full after their dumpster dive.

So be it.

1 comment:

Cory said...

Argh, the booty is a-flowin' outta yer "dumpster," a.k.a. booty chest. I am glad that we could leave you with a galvanizing final image of the mountain culture that so roughly ruffled yer sails.
We don't really need all of those fly swatters (Sheener just got five flies today!) so we are going to Fed Ex one of 'em back to yer new location, and the flies will be covered in carmalized white chocolate mocha and dried skim for ChloCo's crunchy enjoyment...Don't panic, they aren't organic.

Keep it reel, fancy fisherman. May you catch the heat wave and retreat to the highlands. Oh wait, Floridians never retreat!