Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shifting Ship

Things here at Hypno are about to get a little different. Our lewd Captain is lifting anchor and heading closer to the White House. Will he crush teabaggers and take over the entire cuntry? Or will he be humble and just roast his little heart out (french roast, surely)? Either way, the wheel is being passed to First Mate soon-to-be-Capt. Cade "Slow Fade" A. May you grip the wheel well and have a strong rudder. And may the calmer waters in Sheepherderstown (Jesus' favorite US hangout) treat the Hypno-Fam with love and respect. God knows that is how our venerable mutinying Captain has treated his crew...not the landlubbers, you scum.

With that announced on the Netosphere, it must be said that Hypno will still continue to deliver only the finest coffee that yer booty can buy, and watch for some subtle changes, perhaps some much thicker grog to serve up at later hours, and a pole to dance on the counter (not really, you creep),although our former Capt did reportedly use the hot vent for the roaster as a striptease tool; Hot!!! We'll miss that dirty dancer and his nasty tricks. We'll also hope to see him back for another stomping of Thomas for kickball, since the Hypno Abode is morphing into a B&B and the Carriage House also has openings for renters, thus allowing entry into the kickdown.

Fair the well good humans large and small. And don't forget about the goods in Davis, Dub V.

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