Thursday, September 23, 2010

Be(er) Here Now

Ram Dass will be glad to know that we are usually/mostly present at Hypno, and he may even be glad to know that we have expanded beyond the uppers and went for some fizzy fine brews. You got it right, as some previous posts foreshadowed,  we are open for beerzness.

Capt. Cade does roll call with his newest troops. Hopefully they'll add more color to the Vessel. They'll at least add more ways to get your buzzzzzz on here at Hypno.

So here's the list of brews we are carrying:

  • Old Milwaukee Pints                   $2
  • Iron City Premium Lager             $2
  • Boddingtons Pub Ale              $3.5
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale          $3.5
  • Pinkus Organic Hefeweizen    $6.5
  • Sam Smith Organic Cider       $6.5
  • Lindemans Framboise Lambic  $8
  • Orval Trappist Ale                   $8
And, after the kegerator  arrives, we will have the only thing that Davis and Thomas can collaborate on: The HypnoStout on draft!!! Oh yeah, baby!!!  Some side notes....the organic apple cider: Yes, it's alcoholic. The Orval Trappist packs a bit more punch with 6.9% alkie content. Sierra Nevada comes in second with 5.6%.

  • THAT'S NOT ALL!!! We will be offering home-made free-range chicken white bean chili with garlic and cheddar biscuits for those of you who can't stomach the liquid diet...pobre cito!
  • And for all you Ride at 5'ers, you can get 10% OFF of your purchase if and only if you come by in your spandex. And allow us to put your picture on the blog....and point and sneer....and please hose off first, please?!
  • oh, and if you please, you can throw in any Torani flavors to your drink of choice. We are open to experimentation and feedback. Already people are wanting to mix the Lambic with the HypnoStout. The sky ain't even a limit any mo'.
Check back in for more updates! We appreciate your time and patronage. Please tell us what you think, 'cause  we don't know what you think about and would like to, I think?

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Anonymous said...

Cade/Cory -

Nice work on the beer addition. All the selections are good choices and should be well received. Two things though: What about the PBR Tall Boys and what time can you officially sell beer? In any case, I look forward to getting more than just a caffeine buzz at the shop :) -Tim