Saturday, September 25, 2010

Peep On, Peepers!

While many people have nothing but leaves on their minds, we at Hypno have filled our glasses to the top with Lambic, I mean, with thanks. 10,000 Thanks to all the fine fellows who made it possible for the Hypno Vessel to legally rake in enough booty (not very pirate like, I know) to convince Capt. Cade to take a day off. Many a wondering Run For It maniac made there way into the shop, got the buzz on, and left grinning. Although our former Captain is no longer with us to sail the high seas of Davis commerce, his grog keeps all of us chattering rapidly about his eventual resurrection/revelation and quick return to the tough yet loving embrace of the mountains that we all, well most of us, love.

And thanks for allowing me to have a job to feed myself and my lil' famdamily.

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