Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Latte #13

Another day, another rosetta. It's been silent (in regards to latte art) out there on the blog-o-sphere. No one throwing decent art? What's that? No espresso machine! Yikes. Hopefully everyone is busy writing Santa letters asking him to deliver Cade a new espresso machine for Christmas. Come on Saint Nick, the hypnovessel in Davis needs ya! If not Santa, maybe another fat guy can deliver a new espresso unit to the vessel.
Word has it the 'ol Conti wasn't feeling so jolly Sunday, in fact she felt down right angry, and burst into flames...in front of a line of tourists no less. The flames have been squelched, and the Conti is limping along, but Cade is ready to retire the little red espro-mobile and put another unit through the paces.
Let us begin;

Dear Santa,

The hypnovessel has been very good this year. In fact, I got rid of that mean Captain Tony and marooned him in Shepherdstown, and then I ditched that incompetent Yeoman Cory on the island of misfit baristas. Besides cleaning house in the human resources department, I have also brought plenty of cheer to the community of Davis by extending hours and giving the good denizens fermented beverages that make them warm and happy. All of this and more I have done and ask only one (1) gift in return; a two (2) group Nuova Simonelli Aurelia with bottomless portafilters, and single, double, and triple baskets, or a machine of similar design and quality. Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas!

hypnovessel, davis


Cory said...
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Cory said...

...and legality aside, you, my friend, are the biggest drug dealer in the state.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had nothing better to do than worry about what type of tea hypnocoffee is serving!